About Pinnacle Properties

Pinnacle Properties is owned and operated by two bothers, Keith and Craig Arneson. Both grew up on a farm just north of Ames 20 miles.

Keith has lived and worked in Ames since 1978. Keith has a Bachelors degree and has worked in a middle management position for a leading employer in the area. Keith acted in a directorship role managing a department of 55 people, in a 24-hour environment. The position was with an employer with 1,400 employees where Keith managed the operations of a department with a 3 million dollar annual budget.

During this same time Keith and his wife Deb owned and operated a rental property business. They started with a single rental unit and now own and manage over 100 rental units in the Ames area.

Keith has been active in the community through Leadership Ames as well as on the boards of the Ames Education Association, a division leader for the United Way, board member of the Ames Chamber of Commerce, and a member of the Mary Greeley Medical Center Foundation's Finance Committee. Keith and his family are members of St. Cecelia church in Ames. Keith is a member of the Noon Rotary Club.

Craig has worked his entire career in the construction trades. He learned his skills in the 70's by working his early years with craftsmen in the Story City area. During those years crews carried out nearly every task that went into building a home. Today's crews are often specialized with the use of subcontractors but learning the field as he did Craig now knows what is important when subbing certain jobs out.

Craig spent half of his 30 years in the field by acting as the general contractor on large home construction projects in the Dallas Texas area. The remainder of his years of onsite work was here in the Ames area. Craig is a true craftsman with uncompromising standards of quality in workmanship.

Keith is primarily responsible for land acquisition, financing, contracting, plan design and sales. Craig is the onsite general manager responsible for day-to-day decisions during the construction process.

Our philosophy is based on the fact that we believe this area is starved for interesting plans. We strive to give our homes curb appeal and at least two interior features that make you say wow. Our slogan of superior design, superior finish drives our business decisions. We never forget that this is the biggest single purchase people make in their lives and that it is MUCH more than just an investment.

We hope that you will allow us the opportunity to help you design and build a unique, well-crafted home for you and your family.